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RAKERNAS Events - Lighting, Sound & LED Display PH

MACH Speaker, AZTEC Lighting & AZTEC LED Display perform in the Rakernas Perhitptani 2013 hosted at Hotel Grand Sahid Jakarta.

The show is one of the important events where discussion regarding food supplies are discussed.


The events are hosted and was opened by the president of Indonesia 2013, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, where he gave speech to all the cabinet members and lead the prayer.

MACH Sound Systems, AZTEC Lighting Systems and AZTEC LED Display PH-6 are the key aspects in the events.


Sound Systems Installed are :

  • 2 Units of TECNARE IBZA 10 P 
  • 4 Units of MACH Speaker M-15 T
  • 4 Units of MACH Subwoofer M-218T
  • Mixer & Sound Equipments


LED Display consist of 2 Stes of 4 x 3 Mtr LED PH-6 Indoor and Basic Lighting Systems installed .


The strict evaluation team from the President are impressed with the sound clarity and display clarity.

It has been a very pleasing events where everyone is very happy .


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